Sunday, October 28, 2012

this past week

... has been taken over by crafting.  my very dear friend's daughter turns three this year and her birthday is right around the corner. i, of course, have taken it upon myself to make the decorations for her 'fairy princess ballerina' themed party. 

i am still a little new to the 'three-year-old party game' ... meaning, i haven't really been able to incorporate said theme into the decorations other than making everything pink, purple and sparkle. but really ... that's as far as i've gotten on my close-to-nothing budget. however, i really like what i've come up with so far. it has definitely been fun crafting up a storm and making everything myself ... and i am a little anxious to see it all put together on the actual party day!  which isn't for a few weeks still, so i still have time on my side and will hopefully be able to work in the actual theme the birthday girl has requested.  maybe with the food? hmmm ... we'll see!

 ... and while we are on the subject of party planning.  my birthday is fast approaching as well so i have had my party ideas running through the back of my mind as well.  super exciting!

so much party planning ... ava's, mine, a work party and of course thanksgiving!  ... maybe this is why i love fall so much. :]

Saturday, October 20, 2012

little thanks

thank you, sunshine, for making an appearance today ... it is always good to see you.

thanks you, starbucks, for your delicious pumpkin spice fraps. no whip.

thank you, sharpie, for the sharpie pen.

thank  you, all mail carriers, for bringing me pretty clothes and good books when i am to lazy to go out and get them for myself.

thank you, snapfish, for making it so incredibly easy to print my pretty pictures.

thank you for checking this out ... hope you're having an awesome weekend.  until next time. :]

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

you know its autumn when

... its time to pull out the 'weinie sticks' and roast some hot dogs and marshmallows over the fire.
it could possibly be my favorite thing to do. ever.

Friday, October 12, 2012

didn't win sh*t

one night this week the company i work for held its annual sales rally ... it's really not as exciting as it sounds.  every year each branch [i work for a bank] that is attending the rally is asked to build a basket that represents their branch.  a few of my co-workers and i took it upon ourselves to take charge of the basket and decided to build it with a  'construction' theme since our branch is currently under going a full re-model.  in it we included a few gift certificates from some local restaurants, some beer from a local brewery that had construction themed names and labels and a few other odds and ends that we thought would go well with a construction theme.   i think it turned out pretty well, no? once the baskets were completed we had to turn them in so they the ones in charge of putting together the rally could set them up at the rally and have everyone bid on them.

there were a lot of baskets and a lot of them were filled with booze ... who knew bankers liked to drink so much?  well ... needless to say, i thought our basket was one of the better ones and i think the majority agreed because it looked as though ours had some of the most bids :]. but i must admit ... the majority of those bids most likely came from our own branch.  we all desperately wanted to bring that basket home! but sadly, none of us won it.  and i, as true to form, didn't win a darn thing.  you know how some people are just naturally lucky?  i, my friends, am not one of those people.  but all in all it was a good evening.  it was my first sales rally so i had nothing to compare it to but i am a little excited for next year's ... and already thinking up ideas for our basket! 

 ... until next time, friends, have a good time :]

Monday, October 8, 2012

life lately.

                                                               had a best friend date.
                                                     went to dinner with the ladies from work
                                                               a little dog shaming
                                                        my sweet sweet sister post
                                                                  a few foggy mornings
                                                      5 guys for lunch ... best. decision. ever.
                                                      kingsley being the cutest pup ever.
                                                        lazy saturdays with both pups.

Friday, October 5, 2012

rememered for.

 ... so this had to have been the hardest of the #5things.  "list 5 things you most hope to be remembered for." i must admit ... i've been thinking about this pretty much since starting this whole introduction thing and it is hard to put into words what you want people to remember about you.  but here is what i've come up with:

5. my laugh.  i'm not saying that i have the best, or most enjoyable laugh but i would like people to remember me for always having a good time.  i refuse to go through life miserable so i try to turn everything into a positive and remind myself that i can't stress over the things i can not change.  i always have fun. :]

4. having a kind heart.  ever hear the quote "be kind to everyone you meet for they too are fighting their own battles"? well, i think it is true and being mean to people is just ridiculous.

3. my attempt to constantly put good energy into the world.  i believe in karma ... you know, put good in get good back.  that is how i try to live everyday ... putting good thoughts, actions, and vibes into the atmosphere so i in return get good thoughts, actions, and vibes.

2. my work.  regardless of what i'm doing i always give it my best. 

and ...

1. the love i have for my friends and family.  i would do absolutely anything for them.  i know that they know that and that is the number one thing i want them to remember ... that i love them all unconditionally with my whole entire heart.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

super power

almost done with the introduction posts.  next on the list is "if you could have any super power, what would it be and what would be the first thing you would do with it?"

this one was kinda hard ... any super power would be pretty awesome, no?  buuuutttt ... if i had to choose just one i think it would be flight.  how awesome would it be to just be able to pick up and take off ... just to fly around?  and i'm going to be completely selfish with this but the first thing i would do after obtaining said super power is to see the world. i would scoot on over to paris, london, ireland, italy, china, japan, indonesia, australia, jamaica, africa, both poles.  everywhere. i would go absolutely everywhere.  and wouldn't have to worry about catching a plane, traveling fees, or any of that hassle ... now that would be cool.

if you're reading this let me know what you're choice would be and what you would do first ...

hot apple cider and a good game of traffic

happy october!  this past weekend was james dean days, which probably one of the biggest classic car shows of the year.  it also happened to be a good friend's of mine baby shower so i wasn't able to actually make it to the park to see all the pretty cars but i was able to visit and spend some much needed  time with a few good friends and her family.

 it was definitely a good weekend!  ... and who doesn't love that pumpkin 'giving birth' to the baby pumpkin. i mean ... how funny! well ... if you happen to be reading this i sure do hope you had as good [if not better] of a weekend than i did!