Sunday, October 28, 2012

this past week

... has been taken over by crafting.  my very dear friend's daughter turns three this year and her birthday is right around the corner. i, of course, have taken it upon myself to make the decorations for her 'fairy princess ballerina' themed party. 

i am still a little new to the 'three-year-old party game' ... meaning, i haven't really been able to incorporate said theme into the decorations other than making everything pink, purple and sparkle. but really ... that's as far as i've gotten on my close-to-nothing budget. however, i really like what i've come up with so far. it has definitely been fun crafting up a storm and making everything myself ... and i am a little anxious to see it all put together on the actual party day!  which isn't for a few weeks still, so i still have time on my side and will hopefully be able to work in the actual theme the birthday girl has requested.  maybe with the food? hmmm ... we'll see!

 ... and while we are on the subject of party planning.  my birthday is fast approaching as well so i have had my party ideas running through the back of my mind as well.  super exciting!

so much party planning ... ava's, mine, a work party and of course thanksgiving!  ... maybe this is why i love fall so much. :]

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