Friday, October 5, 2012

rememered for.

 ... so this had to have been the hardest of the #5things.  "list 5 things you most hope to be remembered for." i must admit ... i've been thinking about this pretty much since starting this whole introduction thing and it is hard to put into words what you want people to remember about you.  but here is what i've come up with:

5. my laugh.  i'm not saying that i have the best, or most enjoyable laugh but i would like people to remember me for always having a good time.  i refuse to go through life miserable so i try to turn everything into a positive and remind myself that i can't stress over the things i can not change.  i always have fun. :]

4. having a kind heart.  ever hear the quote "be kind to everyone you meet for they too are fighting their own battles"? well, i think it is true and being mean to people is just ridiculous.

3. my attempt to constantly put good energy into the world.  i believe in karma ... you know, put good in get good back.  that is how i try to live everyday ... putting good thoughts, actions, and vibes into the atmosphere so i in return get good thoughts, actions, and vibes.

2. my work.  regardless of what i'm doing i always give it my best. 

and ...

1. the love i have for my friends and family.  i would do absolutely anything for them.  i know that they know that and that is the number one thing i want them to remember ... that i love them all unconditionally with my whole entire heart.

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