Friday, October 12, 2012

didn't win sh*t

one night this week the company i work for held its annual sales rally ... it's really not as exciting as it sounds.  every year each branch [i work for a bank] that is attending the rally is asked to build a basket that represents their branch.  a few of my co-workers and i took it upon ourselves to take charge of the basket and decided to build it with a  'construction' theme since our branch is currently under going a full re-model.  in it we included a few gift certificates from some local restaurants, some beer from a local brewery that had construction themed names and labels and a few other odds and ends that we thought would go well with a construction theme.   i think it turned out pretty well, no? once the baskets were completed we had to turn them in so they the ones in charge of putting together the rally could set them up at the rally and have everyone bid on them.

there were a lot of baskets and a lot of them were filled with booze ... who knew bankers liked to drink so much?  well ... needless to say, i thought our basket was one of the better ones and i think the majority agreed because it looked as though ours had some of the most bids :]. but i must admit ... the majority of those bids most likely came from our own branch.  we all desperately wanted to bring that basket home! but sadly, none of us won it.  and i, as true to form, didn't win a darn thing.  you know how some people are just naturally lucky?  i, my friends, am not one of those people.  but all in all it was a good evening.  it was my first sales rally so i had nothing to compare it to but i am a little excited for next year's ... and already thinking up ideas for our basket! 

 ... until next time, friends, have a good time :]

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