Sunday, September 30, 2012

just a quick shout out

to kristen over at craftiments for creating those cute little icons [which you can find here] over on the left side of my blog.  i am a little new to this whole blog writting thing and i am slowly [... very slowly] learning the ins and outs of the blogging world and how to make mine pretty and functional.  kristen's tutorial on how to set the icons up was very helpful and not to mention they are pretty darn cute.  so, thank you ma'am for your hard work and help!

Friday, September 28, 2012

get pretty.

number three on the #5things list is to describe a typical day on my current life ... here ya go:

6:00 am -- wake up. drink coffee [or tea]. get pretty. drink more coffee [or tea]
7:50ish am-- leave for work
8:30 am -- arrive at work -- count, give, and take money
1:00 pm -- go to lunch
2:00 pm -- arrive back at work -- count, give and take more money
5:00 pm -- kick everyone out and close up shop
5:15 pm -- head home
6:00ish pm -- arrive home -- start thinking about dinner -- eat dinner -- play with kingsley -- watch tv --
                      study -- hang out with friends -- etc.
11:00 pm -- go to bed.

 ... pretty boring but it's all i got.  :]

today is finally friday!!!  and man has it been a long week, which i guess it technically isn't over since i do have to work tomorrow morning.  but only until noon.  and the branch i work at is currently getting remodeled and this weekend is the weekend they are making some big changes.  so all that excitement will help make tomorrow go by quickly.  if you happen to be reading this i hope you have a good weekend!

Thursday, September 27, 2012

... and three days later

i finally have a chance to sit down and relax for a moment.  this week has been crazy with work and the upcoming weekend festivities.  i'm hoping it will start to calm down a little ... maybe?  fingers crossed!

however admist the chaos of my schedule i did have a little time to think about five things that make me most happy right now and this is what i've come up with:
                         5. my iphone ... i'm not sure at all how i ever lived without it.
                         4. watching football.  my favorite season is here [and maybe it will go back to actual
                                        football now that the real refs are back!]
                         3. cooler temps and fall decorations ... i do believe fall is here! :]
                         2. chili, apple cake, pumpkin spice .... the yummy fall food
          and the number one thing that makes me most happy right now ...
                             pumpkins. everywhere and everything

... well there you have it. until next time i do hope you have a good time :]

Saturday, September 22, 2012

little nugget

                            ...  just wanted to introduce you to little ... well not so little, kingsley.

 since i did 20 random facts about myself i might as well give you some random tid bits of info about king as well, right?  only seems fair, although i don't think i'll do 20 ... how about we start out with 10? 10 sounds good to me.  so here are 10 random facts about my pup:

                 1. he is ready to play. all the time.
                 2. eating the couch cushions is his favorite thing to do when left alone.
                 3. he loves wearing sweaters or hoodies ... his camo one being his favorite.
                 4. he knows when it is bed time and insists on sleeping under the covers.
                 5. peanut butter and apples have become a favorite treat.
                 6. he hates squirrels and this one rabbit that lives in the yard.
                 7. if he has to sit on the floor he must be sitting on or right next to your foot.
                 8. he can tell when his aunt nan and pap are coming up the alley and will rush
                     to the door to meet them.
                 9. prefers to chew on his toys while laying on his back.
                 10. will literally huff and puff if he doesn't get his way.

 ... all of these facts pretty much make king the cutest most adorable dog in the entire world.  :]


my name is britney ... i've been following a few blogs for some time now and i have finally decided to put my own out there. so here i am, a 26 year old living in central indiana.  and since we are just getting to know each other i figured for the next few posts  i would slowly introduce myself. we'll call it #5things.  so, for the next 5 i will do/answer these five things:
               1. list 20 random facts about yourself.
               2. what are five things that make you most happy right now?
               3. describe a typical day in your current life.
               4. if you could have one super power, what would it be and what would you do
                   with it first?
               5. list five things you hope to be remembered for.

... and since we are are here now what better day to start things off :] here are 20 random facts about yours truly ...

1. i like next door to my dad ... not around the corner, or down the block, but right next door.
2. dave matthews band is probably my most favorite band ever and i go to there show every summer.
3. i insist on celebrating half birthdays.
4. current tattoo count comes to three.
5. "love me if you dare" is my all time favorite movie ... thanks sister for introducing it to me.
6. i work at a bank and i love my job.
7. i am admittedly a reality show junkie.
8. i sincerely believe nothing is better than a handwritten note and flowers.
9. i would pack up and move to nashville, tenessee at the first chance.
10. i lived the 'college life' a little too hard and never actually graduated.
11. i am the proud momma to a rowdy, rambunctious, two year old pit bull named kingsley.
12. fall is my favorite season ... everything about it is cozy.
13. i bleed blue and will forever support my colts. [and peyton]
14. i'm passionate about equal rights for all.
15. i was born the day before thanksgiving.
16. i'm slowly learning to cook and have become a food tv addict.
17. i can't help but to cry when those sarah mclachlan animal commercials come on tv.
18. i am not a huge fan of thunderstorms.
19. the movie the birds always comes to mind when i see a flock of birds in the air or on a light post ... i may be scared for life.
and finally ...
20. i believe happiness is a choice and i refuse to go through life but any other way.

... so that's that.  which is probably more information than you'll ever want to know but its out there :] hope to see ya around!