Monday, November 12, 2012

two week catch up

today was the first time we here is centeral indiana got to see snow this season.  granted ... it only snowed for a few hours this morning and it is now so very sunny and there is absolutely no snow in sight.  the first big snow always makes my heart melt a little.  i feel like the world just stops ... everything is so quite.  i really like those few moments.  then once the snow turns to muck i am completely over it and ready for the 70 degree weather to come back.  but until then, i am anxiously awaiting the first big snow.

in other news ... thanksgiving is right around the corner and there has been a few exciting developments over in this corner of the world.  well ... some news is more exciting than other news ... and, you may not even think any of the news is exciting ... but it is what it is. :] 

first things first ... my dad has a girlfriend.  now, this wouldn't be a huge deal if the man hasn't been single for at least a decade.  for what seems like my entire life it has been my dad, sister and i. [yes, my mom was very much in the picture ... we just didn't live with her] so adding a fourth person to the mix has been a little bit of an adjustment.  but a good one.  we're happy :]

and secondly, i have gotten a second wind when it comes to finishing my home.  when i moved in i knew it was a 'fixer upper' but my god, has it been a long tough road and for a while i was completely burnt out and had no motivation to complete any of the unfinished projects. well, my friends that is no longer the case for now at leastso expect some before and after updates :]

and lastly [is that even a word?] my twenty *cough**cough* birthday is fast approaching and i am throwing myself a party ... can't wait!

 ... well, that's all i've got for right now.  have a good one!