Saturday, September 22, 2012


my name is britney ... i've been following a few blogs for some time now and i have finally decided to put my own out there. so here i am, a 26 year old living in central indiana.  and since we are just getting to know each other i figured for the next few posts  i would slowly introduce myself. we'll call it #5things.  so, for the next 5 i will do/answer these five things:
               1. list 20 random facts about yourself.
               2. what are five things that make you most happy right now?
               3. describe a typical day in your current life.
               4. if you could have one super power, what would it be and what would you do
                   with it first?
               5. list five things you hope to be remembered for.

... and since we are are here now what better day to start things off :] here are 20 random facts about yours truly ...

1. i like next door to my dad ... not around the corner, or down the block, but right next door.
2. dave matthews band is probably my most favorite band ever and i go to there show every summer.
3. i insist on celebrating half birthdays.
4. current tattoo count comes to three.
5. "love me if you dare" is my all time favorite movie ... thanks sister for introducing it to me.
6. i work at a bank and i love my job.
7. i am admittedly a reality show junkie.
8. i sincerely believe nothing is better than a handwritten note and flowers.
9. i would pack up and move to nashville, tenessee at the first chance.
10. i lived the 'college life' a little too hard and never actually graduated.
11. i am the proud momma to a rowdy, rambunctious, two year old pit bull named kingsley.
12. fall is my favorite season ... everything about it is cozy.
13. i bleed blue and will forever support my colts. [and peyton]
14. i'm passionate about equal rights for all.
15. i was born the day before thanksgiving.
16. i'm slowly learning to cook and have become a food tv addict.
17. i can't help but to cry when those sarah mclachlan animal commercials come on tv.
18. i am not a huge fan of thunderstorms.
19. the movie the birds always comes to mind when i see a flock of birds in the air or on a light post ... i may be scared for life.
and finally ...
20. i believe happiness is a choice and i refuse to go through life but any other way.

... so that's that.  which is probably more information than you'll ever want to know but its out there :] hope to see ya around!

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