Saturday, September 22, 2012

little nugget

                            ...  just wanted to introduce you to little ... well not so little, kingsley.

 since i did 20 random facts about myself i might as well give you some random tid bits of info about king as well, right?  only seems fair, although i don't think i'll do 20 ... how about we start out with 10? 10 sounds good to me.  so here are 10 random facts about my pup:

                 1. he is ready to play. all the time.
                 2. eating the couch cushions is his favorite thing to do when left alone.
                 3. he loves wearing sweaters or hoodies ... his camo one being his favorite.
                 4. he knows when it is bed time and insists on sleeping under the covers.
                 5. peanut butter and apples have become a favorite treat.
                 6. he hates squirrels and this one rabbit that lives in the yard.
                 7. if he has to sit on the floor he must be sitting on or right next to your foot.
                 8. he can tell when his aunt nan and pap are coming up the alley and will rush
                     to the door to meet them.
                 9. prefers to chew on his toys while laying on his back.
                 10. will literally huff and puff if he doesn't get his way.

 ... all of these facts pretty much make king the cutest most adorable dog in the entire world.  :]

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