Friday, September 28, 2012

get pretty.

number three on the #5things list is to describe a typical day on my current life ... here ya go:

6:00 am -- wake up. drink coffee [or tea]. get pretty. drink more coffee [or tea]
7:50ish am-- leave for work
8:30 am -- arrive at work -- count, give, and take money
1:00 pm -- go to lunch
2:00 pm -- arrive back at work -- count, give and take more money
5:00 pm -- kick everyone out and close up shop
5:15 pm -- head home
6:00ish pm -- arrive home -- start thinking about dinner -- eat dinner -- play with kingsley -- watch tv --
                      study -- hang out with friends -- etc.
11:00 pm -- go to bed.

 ... pretty boring but it's all i got.  :]

today is finally friday!!!  and man has it been a long week, which i guess it technically isn't over since i do have to work tomorrow morning.  but only until noon.  and the branch i work at is currently getting remodeled and this weekend is the weekend they are making some big changes.  so all that excitement will help make tomorrow go by quickly.  if you happen to be reading this i hope you have a good weekend!

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