Sunday, February 24, 2013

photo catch up

wow ... twenty thirteen is here in full force.   here is a recap of the past two month according to instagram and my iphone.

[these are from last year but oh well ... i wanted to share] dad and went to the colt's last regular season game and boy was it a good one! 

then ... i ran down to my favorite city ever, nashville, tn to have a good time and to see a good friend show off his musical talent. while there we hung out on broadway ... this is the guitar right outside of legend's corner,  and ate the best bbq around at hog heaven.  if you haven't been i suggest you try it.  it is in this little shack next to the parthenon and centennial park.  it really is so good ... every time i go to nashville i visit it atleast once.

while i was in nashvegas dad got to go to florida for pretty much the entire month and couldn't help but to gloat by sending pretty pictures of the beach while i was dealing with sub zero temps here at home.   

... now february.  i had my first real non-fail pinterest attempt and had a small birthday celebration.

that pretty much sums up my life these past two months.  eager to see what the next few bring on ;] 

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