Tuesday, December 11, 2012

the only ten i see

last week my dad, aunt and i had to make an unexpected trip to tennessee.  i do wish that we could have visited under better circumstances ... but i must admit, i was rather excited to be able to go down.  i absolutely adore tennessee

while we were there we got to check out a small town's
christmas parade.  it was so fun! and they sure put a lot of work into some of the floats ... we even got to see the grinch and santa!
we also went and checked out the cookeville train depot.  now ... i'm not hugely interested in trains what so ever, but ... this was pretty neat. since it was so late the actual museum was closed but we still got to check out the train set up and snap a few photos.  the whole area around the train depot was pretty neat too ... it all had this historical feel to it ... i kinda love those areas.

we didn't get to stay long at all but it was really good to get to spend time and see some of the family that we don't get that chance with very often.
one day i will live there ... but until then, short trips will have to do.

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