Saturday, December 1, 2012

so far ...

this is what i know to be true ... at this very moment in time.

family  has nothing to do with the blood running through our veins.

real friends are rare ... but once you find them they become more than just a friend, they become family.

no lie is ever worth the risk of what you may lose ... ever.

any thought or belief may change given the right experience ... nothing is forever.

happiness is a choice.  you have to wake up and make a conscience decision to make the best out of every situation.  to learn something from every mistake.  to look for the high in every low.  if you choose happiness you'll see happiness in the world around you.

coffee is always a good idea.

two things will always be sexy ... a man with a guitar and a southern gentleman.

i will never be a size zero ... or even a two ... hell, even an eight.  and that's okay.

sometimes ... you just need to be a little selfish.

you cannot rely on other people for you to have a good time ... be your own damn good time.

big sunglasses will always be fabulous.

the 'dirty a' will always be 'home'.

'benny & the jets' will always make me smile.

sometimes ... just sometimes just gotta let go.

 ... and so far, my biggest mistakes have been my most life changing lessons.

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